Ryan D'souza

    Developer.Student - Rutgers University '19

    Experience & Projects ↓


Facebook, Inc.

Online social media and networking service
Data Engineering Intern - Summer 2018

The New York Times

American newspaper and global media organization
Data Engineering Intern - Summer 2017


Secure communications platform founded by Goldman Sachs and backed by Wall Street firms
Software Engineering Intern - Summer 2016

Rutgers University - OSS

Rutgers' software development group
iOS Developer - Spring 2016


Data management, protection, and cloud storage company
Software Engineering Intern - Summer 2015


Instagram Analyzer

Utilizes TensorFlow and OpenCV to detect objects in images, a RNN to generate a caption, and then Markov Chains to generate a meaningful caption

Tinder Bot

Uses a neural network to figure out what you look for in a person (or what you don't look for - still under debate on which is more accurate) and performs those actions on Tinder

iMessage Analyzer

Analyzes a user's iMessage history. Shows graphs displaying the frequency a person is texted, word frequencies, and a variety of other features not found on the default Messages.app

Python Files

Interesting Python scripts I've written to simplify my life or help someone out. Descriptions are included in the README

Bring Me Food

A refined version of Uber for crowd-sourcing the delivery of food

Prom Me

Tinder, but for Prom

Note Taker

Randomly generates notes on a book and exports them to both a .markdown and .docx file

Giftcard Tracker

An iOS app I created to quickly and easily track the balances and purchase history of debit giftcards

Robinhood Commandline

Trades stocks and performs research using Robinhood's API. Written before Robinhood released their API and made an Android app


A collection of my dotfiles

PHS Lab Days iOS

The iOS app responsible for sending text messages to over 11% of my high school on a daily basis

PHS PowerSchool

App to log PHS students into PowerSchool (grades checking system)


Classic Pacman game written in Java